Thousands of polling assistants denied chance to vote


Editor ,

Please keep my name unknown . In Kazungula , Polling assistants are being dispatched to conduct elections without certificates of authority to vote and we are about a thousand people . The returning officer Mr Musonda has refused to give us the certificates. Please do urgently expose this as it will result in a thousand voters not voting . Concerned Polling assistant !

ZWD advice: deal with him. Voting is your birthright,   Which you can’t let someone take away that easily. The next time you will have that chance again is after 5 years. We hear this is the case in most opposition stronghold and it’s an obvious rigging plot by ECZ and PF. Please deal with him before it’s too late.

You can deal with him in any other way but you can also get an urgent court order to compel him to issue those letters. Any judge would understand that .

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