Thousands of teachers wont vote

As a rigging mechanism, government has worked out a scheme to ensure that most teachers and many other citizens do not vote in the August elections. Michael Kaingu has struck a deal with most colleges and universities offering distance education to call for residential sessions from 7th to 21st August.

The rigging plan comes after an intelligence study reported that most civil servant want to kick out PF and Edgar Lungu. Even the recent pronouncement of paying civil servants at the end of the month is meant to corroborate the rigging plan.

“Most civil servants especially teachers and policemen want change of government. It is also noted that most of them are pursuing distance learning studies, so it is worthy fixing some residential sessions between 7th and 21st August, this will block out the trouble makers and also deny them income through elections jobs”, reads the report obtained from President Lungu’s desk by the Watchdog staffer at state house.

This plan is in addition to the transfers already being implemented, but some affected civil servants have vowed to save from their meagre earnings, just to endure that they travel back and kick out PF.

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