Thousands sent on leave as Chambishi metals suspends operations

Thousands sent on leave as Chambishi metals suspends operations

Chambishi Metals Plc has suspended operations indefinitely sendung its workers on forced leave.

More than 1500 full time workers face an uncertain future as they have been sent on indefinite leave starting 13 February 2019. In addition to full time employers, hundreds of part-time, casual workers and contractors have been left in the cold.

Chambishi Metals Plc is involved in the mining, refining and tolling of cobalt and copper.

It is owned by Eurasian Natural Resources Company (“ENRC”) and the Zambian government through ZCCM-IH. ENRC holds 90% of Chambishi metals while ZCCM-IH holds the remaining 10% shareholding on behalf of the Zambian government.


Chambishi says it has been forced to suspend operations because it has failed to secure materials from its other companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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    mikalodge 3 days ago

    When is ZRA going to send inspectors to conduct transfer pricing audit of Sanlam Life Insurance?

  • comment-avatar
    Musonda 4 days ago

    Next time vote wisely.When we tell you that the current government (baka bolala) don`t know what they are doing you think its a joke.They are there for their pockets not for you miners.