Threats on the Zambian Watchdog by the PF

Threats on the Zambian Watchdog by the PF

When the world  was celebrating Easter, the Patriotic Front Lusaka Province and Copperbelt provincial leadership decided to have a joint Press Briefing on Good Friday April 18,2014. The joint briefing co-chaired by Geoffrey Chuumbwe the Lusaka Province PF Chairperson and Studdy Mwale the Chairperson for Copperbelt was to mainly issue threats to the Zambian Watchdog. The PF leadership says this site has been publishing insults against their “beloved” President Michael Chilufya Sata. At this Press Briefing, the PF warned that anyone linked to a Mobile Phone and connected to any internet facility in Zambia and linked to this site will be sorted out.

We have questions for people like Kennedy Kamba, Geoffrey Chuumbwe and Studdy Mwale. Is it an insult to reveal Sata carries are a Urine bag when they know it is true?

Is it an insult to say President Sata’s intellectual capacity is low and cannot understand complex matters such as court or any other huge documents?

Why didn’t they attack late President Chiluba who disclosed that Sata as MMD National Secretary had problems recording meetings because he could put full stops whenever his heart paused?

Is it an insult when we say Chuumbwe should concentrate on taking his Anti-Retroviral drugs when we all know he has got AIDS and that accounts for part of his animal behaviour?

Is it an insult when we disclose that Kamba was infected with a Sexually Transmitted Infection when he was a cross border liquor trader at COMESA Market in Lusaka?

When did facts become insults? Is it an insult when we discover that President Sata has another concubine (a Catholic Nun) in Kaoma Mangango Mission?.

Chuumbwe and his bunch of thugs should use their energy to advise Sata on how to run the economy.

Things are not good in the country and the chances of the PF retaining power in 2016 are diminishing every day. Kamba should be preparing to answer to charges of outright theft on how he got contracts to do roads in Livingstone during the UNWTO.

Kamba two years ago was selling beer at COMESA Market in Lusaka and today he can afford to buy a brand new Toyota Hilux D4D from Toyota Zambia when most Zambians are buying second hand vehicles.

Where does he get the money from? How has he managed to construct a big house in Woodlands Chalala in less than two years?

How has he managed to buy his prostitute who works for one of the hotels in Lusaka a BMW?

These are the questions Kamba should be spending his energy on because surely he will one day give answers. Yes today he can look  clever because he is a friend to Mulenga Sata the President’s son but Sata will not be President forever.

Threatening the Zambian Watchdog will not do. We are actually even more encouraged to expose everything his government tends to hide. By the way has Chuumbwe stopped committing adultery with that journalist we know?

Expose we shall expose and Kamba should expect more. Now we will even start monitoring that wife of his. We know her. That one who likes Kitchen parties.

Next time find a better way to divert attention from increment in fuel prices.

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