Three ‘coffins’ found at Prisons boss Percy Chato’s house

Three ‘coffins’ found at Prisons boss Percy Chato’s house

In what appears to be an act of witchcraft, three tiny coffins were this morning found at the gate of commissioner general of Prisons Percy Chato’s residence in Luangwa extension in Kabwe, barely three months after a mysterious snake wrapped with beads and some money was found at the residence of a senior police officer whose wife later died.

Scores of residents gathered to catch a glimpse of the coffins which contained white clothing stained with blood. One of the coffins was also producing an irritating smell and also had a live chameleon which emerged after being broken open.

It has not been established whether Chato who has recently been facing marital problems due to his multiple sexual affairs was at home. Some senior police and prisons intelligence officers have told the Watchdog that the coffins may have been dumped by people working with Chato’s wife or some senior officers whom he has been crookedly disadvantaging in some shoddy deals he is involved using prisons resources. They also said that when she left home, Mrs. Chato threatened that she will spill beans and finish the man.

“While we may not rule out witchcraft we also suspect that maybe his wife could be behind this scam or it could even be some senior officers he has been crooking. You have been writing about the Mathew Mohan case and we have information that he is benefitting a lot from this case and many other cases where people are released from prisons,” said one officer.

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