Three ministers are working with Kambwili, says Chongu

Three ministers are working with Kambwili, says Chongu

Fifteen Members of the PF Central Committee had breakfast with NDC including 3 Cabinet Ministers, says Max Chongu

it’s funny how leaders ignore some of my articles, however am glad and happy that most of what I write in my articles has now began to pass thereby vindicating what I write about .

I remember vividly warning about a plan by those leaders who feel left out and now sympathizing with the opposition to destroy PF from inside be it government portfolios or party positions.

Today i wish to make mention that information reaching me is that 15 PF members of central committee have been having dark corner meetings with officials from the newly formed NDC party.

It is shocking to hear that among the 15 members of central committee from PF, 3 are cabinet ministers who attended the breakfast meeting with NDC where they pledged their allegiance to NDC and vowed to destroy PF from inside.

I am also aware that these three ministers will soon resign bringing the number to 4 that will spark a possible revolution which they are calling political tsunami for PF.

Once these ministers resign then they will certainly start plucking out their sympathizers from party structures in order to weaken the party PF.

I am also reliably informed that during the breakfast meeting it was agreed that all those in government or the PF Party sympathizing with NDC should never come out in the open defending the party PF and president Edgar Chagwa Lungu from attacks by the opposition to create a picture that what the president is being accused of is the truth.

Please take note that these sentiments in no way do they represent the official position of the party PF but purely my own personal views.


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