Three PF cadres picked for vandalising Zesco cables, but Lusambo wants them freed

Police in Ndola have apprehended three notorious PF cadres for vandalising Zesco cables and are currently detained at Masala police station but information reaching the Zambian Watchdog from police is that MMD die hard coordinator and now Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo wants the culprits freed.

Copperbelt Divisional Criminal Investigations Officers – DCIO James Masiye confirmed the development to the media and named the cadres as Kennedy Simpito, 43 of house number 7 Mackenzie township; Abraham Banda, 35 and Edward Mbewe, 29 of house numbers 6117 and 1125 respectively in Masala township.

The three were found digging cables around midnight by the anti robbery squad after a tip off from the public about the trio’s activities as they are known to be selling the same cables to scrap metal dealers.

Banda and Mbewe are well known PF cadres who were even publicly seen campaigning for Bowman Lusambo in the 2016 elections and were also part of the cadres that were involved in a scuffle with police earlier this year. Lusambo is said to have called the officer in charge at Masala police station but he was told that the matter was being handled by the division command.

When scheming to declare the state of emergency, some electricity pylons were damaged in Ndola and Lusambo came out strongly accusing members of the opposition as being behind the sabotage. He threatened that police will deal with the saboteurs, statements that have been echoed by Edgar Lungu and home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo who in parliament added that people would be found dead under Zesco pylons.


  • Let’s preserve Zambia So that our children in future won’t have many debts to pay.All property in Zambia belongs to Zambians.Don’t destroy your property because future generations will have too many debts.

  • Let’s learn from Europeans to love our countries and to protect them from sabotage.

  • Put Fire ( PF )cadres r untouchables pa zed yangu umuchisha Chennai mayo

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  • Kill Them Bwana. Vativutisa Kwambili Vibantu Ivi.

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    The current pf is a worst of sperm.

    Thank u!

  • Let them be killed as it was said


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  • So They Will Say That Police Are Investgating. Lets Learn To Be Fair.

  • is it because they belong to the ruling party? kikikkikikiki!!!!! where are we going having such kind of pipo in leadership?

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    B.Political Sc. 7 months

    May be Ba ECL, mama Wina, Kampyongo, mama Mumbi, baMwila + those vocal others didn’t know!

    Now they know what next?
    Press conference at plot 0?
    Ya mi shi ni na… Mauless.
    God is able to reveal.

    Some 1 will one day drop dead due to lies that look true and torturing others for no real reason apart from personal Greed….serious!!

  • I Dnt Take Watchdog Serious Coz All Writters Are Tongas,u Wil Neuer Rule Zambia U Ar A Small Group Of Greed People.U Wil Remain A Tail.

    • Munungu Wa Maho.

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      Mephis 7 months

      Where are you yourself so that you can show people the medicine first because Nigerian are scaring withtheir level of crookedness. Alit of people are suffering but it would be inhuman to crook a person with this pandemic I. This manner. Show them the medicinethen they will be willing to try.

    • Just Debate Real Issues,what Has Tongas Done To You,not All Tongas Are What U Think Thy Are,thy Differ The Way Thy Ve Been Brought Up Just Like Other Tribes Also Differ,lets Talk Things That Will Make Us Live Like One Not Hatred NO

    • Another tribalist who cannot debate.

    • Umodzi kumawa mentality

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    Zoona 7 months

    I knew
    And they knew
    Prayers are stronger
    Especially when the whole
    country is praying.

    “No weapon fashioned against them shall prosper”

    SHAME…SOE SOE what for
    Just to fix UPND!
    we are watching!

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    Zulu 7 months

    The real issue is that Zesco cables have got value in the market place. These thieves are making money by stealing and selling these Cables.To arrest these Cable Thieves u dont need to declare a SOE. U need to enforce law and order. Lusambo is an accomplice in these Cable Theft and should be arrested.

  • These are the people #SOE wants&Mr Herny Kapata mwali patapata sana So ichintu chintu umwene these are the same people you were looking for.You must do something not #ukupatapatafye.

  • They are the ones doing crazy things

  • How come they’re not corpses!!!!

  • 1. Lord we give thanks and praise you in every situation, knowing that you are fixing situations hidden to us and schemes that we have no idea of , fighting battles that seem impossible in the natural, working in the background when things look hopeless.
    2.Our eyes are on you, we trust you to restore everything broken and in a mess in our nation for your Glory. We rejoice in you at all times, in every affliction that our nation is going through for we know that there is power in praise, walls crumble, mountains melt in your presence, stronghods are broken,captives are set free, chains are loosed, demons flee, situations bow down when we choose to magnify you above all.
    3.We rejoice in you during our weaknesses, when we are limited in our human ability you show yourself strong as we rejoice in you. We thank you that Zambia will be a beacon and model once again, and it will even be better. This too shall pass.

  • Prayer Points

    1. Pray ferevently for God to divinely and miraculously release HH and all UPND members who have been imprisoned Acts 12:5-17.
    2. Pray persistently for God’s protection over HH and the UPND members who have been imprisoned and their families Psalm 91.
    3. Pray ferevently against the State of Emergency, and all oppressive laws, pray for the Lord to expose the people behind the fire and all other tactics Mathew 18:18, Hebrews 4:13.
    4. Pray persistently against stupour and slow of understanding in UPND leaders and members and rational Zambians as they strategize and implement peaceful solutions 2 Timothy 2:1-7.
    5. Pray fervently for God to move in Zambia’s justice, police and military system Luke 18:27.
    6. Pray persistently against deception in the Church and supporting wrong things such as injustice, oppression in the name of submitting to authority 2 Timothy 2:15 .
    7. Prayfearvently against fear and intimidation in rational Zambians and UPND members so that they can implement peaceful strategies Isaiah 43 1-2 .


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    Recruit Kamboyi 7 months

    They are easterners digging for mbeba !Release them

  • The people who are vandalizing this country are PF cadres Kampyongo and Kennedy nkamba knows very well

  • We want a CONVENTION chapwa and not ifyo….!

  • Zambia has turned to be Zimbabwe. Our country is now useless.

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