Three year old boy found with 44 needles, mother to be arrested

Three year old boy found with 44 needles, mother to be arrested

Mother of Chipata Boy found with 44 Needles May be Charged with Criminal Negligence.

POLICE in Chipata have taken interest in the incident where a three year old boy was found with 44 needles and wires embedded in various parts of the body.

Eastern Province commissioner of police Luckson Sakala told journalists this that police have even opened a file of inquiry so that they could get to the bottom of the matter.

Sakala said police were taking the matter seriously as it borders on life.

He said police may charge the mother of the child for criminal negligence.

“If these needles were pricked into the body of this boy by someone else, where was the mother? So we are going to work hand in hand with hospital personnel so that we get to the bottom of the matte,” Sakala said.
Authorities at Chipata Central hospital revealed that the boy was found with 44 needles.

The hospital stated that boy was taken to the hospital after he suffered severe malaria but was found to have needles and wires in various parts of the body.

At first the boy was found with 36 needles but further medical investigations revealed that the boy had 44 needles.

Head of surgery and clinical care Donald Kasuma said recently the boy underwent a second Computer Tomography scan where it was discovered that some of the objects were standing next to each other and could not be seen earlier.

Dr Kasuma said the boy who was admitted to the facility last month is still under observation adding that his condition was stable.

He said a total of 25 needles were removed last month indicating that the doctors are still monitoring his condition until he can undergo another surgery and anaesthesia before the rest of the needles can be removed.
Dr Kasuma noted that the patient was too weak to undergo a prolonged surgical intervention last month.

He said the boy was admitted for severe malaria last month but it was later discovered that he had needles embedded in his body.

Dr Kasuma said the needles were pushed into the body of the child.

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    Jamtech 3 days ago

    Comment for test

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    Leticia 1 week ago

    I don’t think a real mother can perform such a wicked act. This is a spiritual issue.

  • comment-avatar
    Spaxxindy 1 week ago

    This not the mother’s fault,it is the evil forces. Take that boy to pastors or prophets

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    samlindo 1 week ago

    But is she the one who inserted the needles, police need to get to the bottom of this case because in my view the mother could not have been that wicked to keep inserting needles in her own child, this could be beyond the poor mothers fault, even if we do not talk about dark forces in police cases but this could just be it

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    I think the mother did the right thing to arrest the mother because she Z careless and wiked