Throwback Thursday; How Shakafuswa mocked Mwaliteta’s suffering in prison

Throwback Thursday; How Shakafuswa mocked Mwaliteta’s suffering in prison

Tomorrow (24th August, 2017), it will be exactly a year when disgraced, used and dumped former UPND Katuba constituency MP Jonas Shakafuswa mocked former Kafue MP and minister in PF administration Obvious Mwaliteta following his unlawful incarceration which culminated into one year in prison.

 Shakafuswa, who we hear is a close friend to Mwaliteta as they both worked under the Zambia Police Reserve as anti robbery unit (Flying Squad) volunteers posted this picture of his friend being tormented and captioned it ‘At the end of it all it is you alone. Is it worthy it. Continue’.  He hoped followers to his threads would ridicule Mwaliteta but he learnt it the hard way as readers took turns at insulting him (Shakafuswa) right on his wall. We know tomorrow facebook may remind him of the Post he made a year ago and we only hope he will not delete it but reactivate it but just in case he doesn’t, Mwaliteta this is what Jonas was saying while you were in prison.

While Mwaliteta was langusihing in prison detached from his dear wife and children, Shakafuswa was busy drinking beer with Edgar Lungu and having unhindered access to his wife Florence and his many concubines. Yes it was during Mwaliteta’s unjust incarceration that Shakafuswa even impregnated his other side chick that lives in Chudleigh, Lusaka leading to a serious matrimonial problem with his wife Florence. We didn’t mean to scratch a healing wound on Mrs. Shakafuswa but just wanted to ask her husband the following questions:

Now that Mwaliteta was acquitted by the court, what is your comment and now that you have been used and dumped, is it worth it?

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