Thug Hamiyanze says he did good job on Sikwela’ s resignation

The following message, written in PF language  was sent to the Watchdog by Matero  based thug Opper Hamiyanze:
opper hamiyanze <>
13:01 (2 hours ago)

Hello, is the resighnation of UPND’s former MP Hon Sekwela a fake difection as you reported that I was in the Southern Province to organize fake difections? Yes I was in S/P province for a good cause, The message was clear “PRESIDENT SATA and the PF means well for the people of Zambia.”
I will repeat what Wynter said “Zambians were happy because opposition parties were collapsing.“Some people say we are killing the opposition, no! The opposition is killing itself. If the MMD or UPND is drinking poison and dying, why should the PF mourn. Yes we are happy that they are dying and the least we can do is to provide firewood for their funeral. It’s not the PF who wants the one-party State, its the people of Zambia,” he said.

Opper Hamiyanze


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