Thug Lusambo erects bill board with his pic at High Court

Brebner Changala writes

I have just passed through the High Court of Zambia on Independence Avenue in Lusaka only to be greeted by a huge bill board of one Bowman Lusambo!
Something has gone terribly wrong with our leadership. This country has gone to the dogs or is it the dogs that have come to our beloved Zambia?
It’s disgusting and totally unacceptable to continue with the current leardership pumped up with personal egos and selfishness.
One wonders as to why PF has remained in campaign mode since 2016. And it’s because of this perpetual political campaigns that,they have now vandalized our national treasury.
These PF/MMD shenanigans are nothing but a bunch vandals. They have destroyed and divided this beautiful country both economically and on tribal lines in order to perpetuate their criminal activities. Any dissenting voices or opinions are crushed through the state sponsored militia masquerading as State Police under the guise of the public Order Act.Shame on you PF/MMD

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