Thugs escorting president

Thugs escorting president

Surely why do these thugs always invited to see off and receive the President at the airport all the time?.Why do these thugs have diplomatic immunity ?.Are they no better persons in society to receive the President at the airport ?.

Dont u think the President security is compromised by these thugs in PF reliagia ?.Why do they terrorize motorists and the public always even in presence of the police?

We are living in an environment where thugs wearing PF regalia are more respected and recognised than a doctor,an engineer,a lawyer or technocrats.

You can not stop violence in a boardroom with a cup of coffee. The institution that is mandate to stop violence is been crippled by the so called PF leadership.

This has caused PF to be losing popularity at a faster rate because the party is now perceived to be run by thugs.

This is evident in just ended mayerol by-election,the voting experienced was not as a result of voter apathy but a vote of no confident in the current regime because everyone is been terrorised by these thugs.

The custodian of peace is these country is the commander chief of the armed forces,all is needed is President Edgar lungu to command the inspector general of police to do the correct thing and stop this nuisance.Mwanawasa had managed to stop these thugs.

It only takes no time to end violent because the police already know who are these culprits but the current leadership glorify these thugs.

It is practically impossible to end violence under current regime because they think having these thugs on thier side is a sign of strength and popularity.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party.

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    JACKASS 2 weeks ago

    they are screwed on the ass afterwards

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    Mainza 2 weeks ago

    Lungu is by nature a coward. To impose himself he is the chief thug commanding thugs to terrorise everyone, so that he can dominate this country unchallenged.

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    George 2 weeks ago

    Why did UPND not win the Mayor Seat if your claim that people have lost faith in PF is true?

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    MUNSHA KIMBALA 2 weeks ago


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    MUNSHA KIMBALA 2 weeks ago


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    Mbomba Mwibala 2 weeks ago

    That is what they deserve,let the rogue leadership be celebrated by rogues