Tilyenji calls for unity ahead of elections

Tilyenji calls for unity ahead of elections

United National Independence Party (UNIP) President Tilyenji Kaunda has called on Zambians to unite and fight for directional change as the nation goes to the polls next month.

Kaunda, who was speaking on radio Christian voice’s chat back program, said Zambia has the potential to do better and achieve meaningful economic development.

He said there is need for the electorate to examine the political parties and scrutinise aspiring candidates so that they choose leaders who will live up to their word when given the mandate to rule.

The UNIP leader said the next regime should ensure it gives the Zambians a people driven constitution that will enable the smooth running of the country.

Kaunda said there is need to reduce Presidential powers as the head of state is a servant of the people and not their boss.

He said only when the President has a heart for the electorate can citizens hold him and Government accountable for their actions.

Kaunda appealed to the Zambian people to vote wisely it the nation is to progress economically, socially, and politically.

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