TIlyenji Kaunda impregnated teenage girl, wife flees home

TIlyenji Kaunda impregnated teenage girl, wife flees home

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Leader of the oldest and almost defunct United Nations Independence Party (UNIP), Tilyenji Chanda Kaunda is in trouble with his wife.

Patience has allegedly deserted the matrimonial home because Tilyenji is in a hot relationship with a teen and Cavendish University student, Tina Kababa.

Tina is a friend to Tilyenji’s grand daughter.

Tina is said to be pregnant and her family want Tilyenji to marry the young girl.

Tilyenji is 64 years old.

Patience also made her own news when fresh from losing her famous SDA televangelist husband, Dr. Cornelius M. Matandiko, she married Tilyenji in 2009.

People then wondered at what stage she had started dating Tilyenji Kaunda, because before she could even be called widow, she married Tilyenji!

Dr. Matandiko who died in 2008 also served as the Adventist Church’s Executive Director.

Matandiko was also chancellor of Zambia Adventist University, a television evangelist for ,”Voice of Prophecy”

Tilyenji Kaunda is the President of the United National Independence Party (UNIP).

He became party leader in 2001, succeeding Francis Nkhoma.

His father, former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, was the President of UNIP from 1960 to 2000.

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