Time is ripe for tribunal on Kabimba

Monday December 3rd 2012 is a day that will live in infamy, as regards  the unprecedented and brutal assault on our criminal justice system in Zambia.

When without warning the Justice Minster of the republic of Zambia, Winter Kabimba descended on the offices of the Anti Corruption Commission, with a horde of noisy lawless, intimidating and dangerous thugs.

It is said that arrogance and self awareness seldom go hand in hand. And Wynters arrogance and lawlessness, if left unchecked will bring Zambia to its knees.

The Justice Ministers conduct at the offices of the Anti Corruption Commission constitutes a breach of the Parliamentary and Ministerial code of conduct.

A tribunal should be quickly constituted by the Chief Justice to probe Mr. Kabimba’s lawlessness and there after remove this rogue from the National Assembly and Government.

I call about upon the Opposition political parties and civil societyto come to the aid of the ACC by using the law I have alluded to above to rid our National Assembly and government of lawless and dangerous elements like the untouchable and notorious Wynter Kabimba!

What Kabimba did at the offices of the ACC is a tragedy, but what is more tragic is the failure by his boss the President to tame him and put him in line.

The failure by the President to act and act quickly to suspend Kabimba will make the people believe that Wynter is a sacred cow and worse that the President himself supports Wynters lawlessness and wonton disregard for the law of the land.

If this was to happen, the people of Zambia will lose the confidence in the President and consequently his capacity to discharge the highest office in the land.

Zambia today faces numerous problems, acute load shedding, mealie meal, and fuel shortages. This is a bad time to have a leadership shortage!

If nothing is done and done quickly to curtail the emerging lawlessness in the Government, the only shelter will shall find in this country will be rubble and chaos!

In this hour of darkness and pain, I pray that God will preserve and protect our Motherland and safeguard the past as it was.

Kind Regards,

Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa.

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