Times, Daily Mail owe ZRA K1.2 billion

Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation together owe the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) more than K1.2 billion. A source at ZRA has disclosed that the three institutions owe ZRA more than twenty times what the Post Newspapers owe. ” It is very frustrating to work for the PF government. Cadres have become more powerful than state functionaries. Partly Fred should blame his friend Wynter Kabimba who employed cadres in all institution including RTSA and NAPSA. These are the people being used now” the source said. The source said some professionals at ZRA had argued that the rules of natural justice demand fairness but where disregarded by cadres. ” Listen. Some of us argued to say how do we pursue the Post if government media is owing more than the private media? Where is fairness? Please let the public know that not everyone at ZRA is for the move. All this is the fear of UPND. The Post is giving coverage to UPND and Edgar and his minions are not sleeping” the source said. The source further questioned the motive to close the Post towards elections. ” The question is why do they want the Post closed during election time? What are they trying to hide. There are reports that the Post sent one its senior editors to Dubai to investigate the printing company and the story was about to hit the streets. Could that bé the reason? The source asked.

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