Times, Daily Mail should respect president Lungu

Is it in order for government newspapers to refer to president Edgar Lungu just as ‘Edgar’? I have seen headlines like ‘Edgar arrives in Addis Ababa’ ‘LAZ happy with Edgar’, ‘Edgar appoints Inonge’ etc..

I thought this was just the stupidity of Fred M’membe who due to his queer behaviour practices queer journalism? But how can quality newspapers like Times of Zambia and Daily Mail which many people depend on to see government programmes start imitating queer newspapers? I thought such newspapers have editorial policies that set standards and guide how presidents, Monarchs, millitary personnel and sports people are referred to? Why refer to the president like he is a footballer? I have not seen any newspaper in USA refer to president Obama as ‘Barack’ or any newspaper in UK referring to prime minister David Cameroon simply as ‘David’. Yet the so called ethics in Zambian media are all derived from such countries. Even our neighbours in South Africa have respect for president Zuma and never call him ‘Jacob’. Is it not that you are on first name basis with someone when they are your friends or you have become familiar enough but even so, when it is official it is Mr, Miss or Mrs not Rupiah for Mr Banda.

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