‘Times of Zambia assets will be stolen’

‘Times of Zambia assets will be stolen’



Dr. Sam Phiri writes on Facebook ( Former PS, ministry of information )


Zambia Daily Mail has always been a poorer cousin to the Times of Zambia.

Now the IDC has directed that the ‘poor’, who has never been profitable, should ‘take-over’ and run the ToZ’s assets.

What is going on here?

Alert Zambians should ensure that ToZ’s assets are not vandalised, or sold off to cartels for a song.

Some such asserts include the one storey building in Ndola’s Kabelenga Rd; the Lusaka office in Freedom Way; townhouses in Ndola’s Mitengo area, and; the $1.4 million worth second- hand (old but) refurbished printing machine bought from a fake Taiwanese company, on borrowed money from Finance Bank, a few years ago [but that is a story for another day].

For now, the important thing is to ensure that ToZ’s assets, which belong to the Zambian people as a whole, are not stripped under the rubric of the intended merger between the ToZ and the ZDM.

Let’s learn from the mistakes of the Chiluba era.

ZUJ, PAZA, MISA and Parliament should request for an independent audit of the ToZ asserts before the merger proceeds in earnest.

What criteria did the IDC use in determining the necessity for the dismissal of the ToZ Board and ED and transferring their responsibilities to the poor cousin, the ZDM?

Something doesn’t sound right…

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