Times of Zambia boss acquires luxury car while workers go without pay

Times of Zambia boss acquires luxury car while workers go without pay

Managing director at the Patriotic Front government owned and controlled Times of Zambia Godfrey Malama has acquired a brand new Nissan Pathfinder while employees have gone without salaries for months now.

The Nissan Pathfinder was on today, Thursday parked at the company’s parking area after he realized that the negotiations for conditions of services for 2012 salaries for unionized staff had been concluded.

Previously, Malama has been parking the vehicle at Central Park for fear of jeopardizing the negotiation and only came with the vehicle after the conclusion of the negotiations. The grey vehicle whose registration number ALE 8654 was on Thursday found parked at the premises at around 9.30 hours.

Despite the workers not being paid, union leaders are scared to voice out their frustration for fear of losing their jobs. Even when six senior Journalists were ‘retired ’by the PF, the union leaders could still not defend the sacked reporters for fear of losing their jobs.

On April 10, 2012, whistle-blowers told the Watchdog that the Times of Zambia is now run by thieves, Malama Nick yShabolyo, who just last year was working as beer taster somewhere. Malama was retrieved from retirement.

The Whistle-blowers said: ‘The conditions of service state that one can only get a salary advance after he/she has finished paying for the previous of which the normal deduction is 3 months, but to our surprise, just from the time the managing director [Godfrey Malama] was appointed in November last year to date, he has gotten more than 4 advances and since the conditions say it has to be given after one has liquidated payment for the previous, we wonder what criteria is being used to give him.

‘We don’t know what their new conditions in the contracts say (MD and his Deputy-Nicky Shabolyo ),but it seems all the allowances that have been given to them are being claimed and back-dated to the time they started work.  We feel this is stealing from the company since they were told they would enjoy conditions that were enjoyed by their predecessor until their conditions were given, so why are they claiming in arrears?  When they company is not doing fine and workers have to go for months without getting salaries, the two of them are enjoying. That why it is bad to appoint someone who has retired back to come and work, it’s like they just come to fill their pockets where they left off before retiring.’

This expose angered Malama so much that the following few days he went about threatening workers and especially reporters in the newsroom.

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