Times of Zambia workers go four months without salaries

Workers at the PF controlled Times of Zambia have gone four months without salaries, the workers have now threatened to physically deal with their cadre managing director Beston Ngonga.

Senior workers at head office disclosed that the workers last got paid in January and that there were no signs that they would get their May salaries.

“The problem is our MD who is a puppet of the PF government. We are owed a lot of Money by government and parastatals but he cannot push for that because him has a lot of allowances which he gets whenever he wants,” said the source.

Soon after being appointed as information minister by President Lungu, Chishimba Kambwili bragged that he would ensure that the state controlled media were funded and also promised to collect the money owed. Kambwili said he has never failed in any project.

And some reporters spoken to said that they will ensure that they sabotage the PF government in the forthcoming elections.

“We will hit them hard, we shall sabotage the campaign and ensure that they go. We will go on strike at the height of the campaign but before we do that we shall first beat Ngonga,” said a Lusaka based reporter.

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