Tired Scott fails to read Sata’ speech at Kuomboka, dog thrown in canal to welcome Litunga

Tired Scott fails to read Sata’ speech at Kuomboka, dog thrown in canal to welcome Litunga

Ceremonial Vice president Guy Scott last night failed to read a speech on behalf of his boss Michael Sata and like his boss abruptly ended the Kuomboka ceremonies saying he was too tired to continue with proceedings which took close to ten hoours from the time Litunga Lubosi Imwiko boarded the Nalikwanda in Lealui.

And in a dramatic development some Lozis opposed to the Litunga’s selfish and poor style pushed a dog at the receiving end of the canal just some few minutes before the the royal convoy arrived, while reliable sources from IMG_2111Lealui palace have told the Zambian Watchdog that some of the usual traditional drummers and paddlers of the Nalikwanda refused to perform their duties forcing the Litunga and his organising committee to pay for some paddlers and asking late Litunga IlLute Yeta’s two children to play the drums on the royal badge.

Scott, who was attending the ceremony for the first time as vice-president earlier delayed the ceremony  at Nengwana where he is said to have asked the Litunga to make many turns around the Island in a tourism fashion for himself and his wife Charlotte. The Litunga only entered the Limulunga palace after 19:00hrs by which time Scott was too tired.

After reading a few lines of the speech that was initially supposed to be read by Sata, Scott told the gathering that it was too late to go through the speech but he would leave it and still be open for discussion. “Your royal Highness my government is committed to assisting traditional ceremonies like the kuomboka as they help maintain cultural heritage and are a tourism attraction,” said  Scott before he excused himself to take his seat. Earlier he was seen making indications to the Litunga that he was tired and time was running out, making the Master of ceremonies to shorten some of the procedures of the hastily organised ceremony.

Some traditionalists spoken to said it was not in order for the programme to be conducted in an alien manner just to please the Veep who was partly the causer of the delay. “We spent a lot of time in the water because he wanted to entertain himself and his wife, but at the end he decides to say it is too late to read the speech and shortens the programme,” said one of the traditionalists present.

IMG_2267 (2)And a watchdog study of the speech proves that Sata was the one who was supposed to attend the ceremony but again the traditionalist source said it was as well good that Sata delegated because he could not have managed the strenuous exercise.

The speech headlined “Speech for his excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata also talks about the ground breaking cremony for the construction of the Mongu stadium which he abandoned on Friday because he could not be provided with a pick at the ceremony.

Meanwhile sources have further disclosed that two sons of the late Litunga Illute Yeta were turned into Maoma drummers as some drummers refused to be part of the ceremony. It has also been reaveled that some of  the paddlers were only hired to perform the duty.

And a dog swam to life after it was chased into the canal at the reception point at Limulunga prompting police to attempt getting a police speed boat from Mongu harbour to remove it as it could have been an embarrassment to the Litunga to be welcomed by a dead dog but as efforts were being made to fetch for the boat, it swam out of the canal.

Soem traditionalists said the dog was pushed into the river to as an insulting way to welcome the Litunga whom most people now just refer to as Edwin.

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