TIZ and other PF praise singers

By Nason Mson

PF praise singers are the worst enemies of this country responsible for the current sad state of Affairs as they just wait to praise even where there is clearly nothing to praise in-order to be noticed for their own selfish personal benefit.
Transparency international country chapter ought to be credible and operate with unquestionable levels of integrity as elsewhere internationally.

The behavior of TI Zambia is shocking and at best it has reduced itself into an outcast and a PF branch or section which just parrots useless statements of praise which don’t benefit the ordinary citizens of this country but political functionaries, absolutely shameful.
There is nothing to praise Mr.Sata for especially for doing what he should be doing as state President. In any-case the corruption fight being spear-headed by Mr.Sata is highly questionable and selective as his government is reeking with high levels of corruption or sleaze.
Expect a rude shock after regime change as the real hypocrites are going to be exposed. PF corruption fight catches those who are merely invited into government for parliamentary numbers and not family members and associates.
The real-estate’s developers in Zambia today are those who benefited from the Euro-bond funds and the road making projects dubbed link 8000 and 4000 which are serving as family cash cows. The increased borrowing threshold by government is intended to be put into these bottoms-less pit projects used for personal and family gains.
We urge all civil servants to be vigilant and to keep useful copies of dodgy deals and such important information which will be very useful for purposes of exposing hypocrites and cheats playing double standards on the fake corruption fight.
There is no-doubt that PF big wigs are headed for a political excursion in prison at some point in time in the-not-to-distance future going by the rampant levels of sleaze and corruption in government.

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