TIZ calls for resignation of ACC Director General

 Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) President Rueben Lifuka has described the latest revelations regarding the conduct of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and in particular the Director General Col. Godfrey Kayukwa in the handling of the allegations of impropriety by UPG, as not only unfortunate but damaging to the reputation of the institution and has   demanded for the immediate resignation of Kayukwa.

Lifuka told the watchdog that it is evident from the information provided thus far that the Director General was economical with the truth when he publicly declared that at no time did ACC investigate a matter connected with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and/or any of its suppliers.

He noted that Kayukwa’s statement is in direct conflict with the statement recorded by the ACC from a Mr. Edward Ndota on 17th January, 2008 at the ACC House in Lusaka from 15:45 hours to 18:25 hours.

Lifuka disclosed that the truth is ACC has been investigating issues surrounding UPG for a long time and it was irresponsibility of the part of the Commission to deceive the public.

He said the Director General’s conduct is not only undesirable but draws reputational risks to the ACC.

Lifuka said the fight against corruption already suffers from credibility due to the manner that ACC has conducted itself, and this latest episode simply compounds matters even further, adding that TIZ find it hard to understand why the Director General found it convenient to intentionally mislead the nation about a matter that ACC had to investigate.

He maintained that the allegations surrounding UPG are serious and require a timely and pragmatic response.

Lifuka said TIZ views some of the arguments for not taking action against these allegations as incredulous and short sighted.

He stated that it is hypocritical for anyone to state that UPG is transparent simply because the company has been able to deliver quality products.

Lifuka also said it is wrong to assume without any investigation that UPG is not capable of unethical conduct which includes bribery, simply on account of the company having been the printer of ballot papers for Zambia for the last couple of years.

Lifuka noted that it would be incorrect biased for individuals to assume that only companies that deliver poor services are liable to engage in corrupt activities as it is common knowledge that in the last couple of years, world renowned Multi-National Corporations like Samsung and Siemens, have had allegations of bribery leveled against them.

He advised ACC to investigate UPG in the same way it probes any local company that supplies goods and services to Government and failure to do so, will simply build impunity and disorder.

Lifuka said his organization is disappointed to note that Kayukwa has been too defensive and passionate about supporting the very wrong doing that his institution is mandated by law to address.

He further stated that ACC requires leadership that is non-partisan, committed and dedicated to public service and unless immediate action is taken the commission may lose credibility and have a weak system that will affect its operations.

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