TIZ surprised at PF’ silence on enacting freedom of information law

Transparency International Zambia says government should stick to its promise and ensure that the freedom of information law is enacted by May this year.

TIZ executive director Goodwell Lungu says the PF when it came to power indicated that it would ensure that the freedom of information law is put in place within the first six months of it being in office.

Mr. Lungu says what is surprising is that government has suddenly gone quiet on the matter and wonders how far government has gone in trying  spearhead the process of having such a law  in place.

He has further wondered why the government has not called for stakeholders meetings if it remains committed to enacting the freedom of information law.

He added that the country needs the freedom of information law which he says has been long overdue.

Mr Lungu says once the Act has been put in place, it will be easy for Zambians to offer checks and balances to the government.

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