TIZ survey: Rupiah’s Govt least committed to graft fight

The 2009 Bribe Payers Index PBI by Transparency International Zambia carried out in 18 districts in the country to determine the rate of bribery and how the public rates all the three successive MMD Governments’ commitment to the fight against corruption, has revealed that 74 percent of Zambians feel the Rupiah Banda led Administration is least committed to the fight against corruption of the three.
Only 44 percent of the people surveyed however said that the Rupiah Banda Government was more serious than the Fredrick Chiluba Government.

The study has also revealed that the Zambia Police is still the most corrupt public institution.

Others public institutions in the top five list for the most corrupt in form of bribes are the Judiciary, Zambia Revenue Authority, the Ministry of Education, and the Department of Registration
The study has further revealed that 57 percent of the respondents out of a total of 1,220 surveyed both in urban and rural areas had been asked for a bribe before a service was provided and that only a quarter of the percentage refused to pay .

The survey has also shown that every Zambian has fourteen percent chance of encountering mainly junior officers in a public institution asking and demanding for a bribe citing low levels of income.

The index has also revealed in high ranked Government institutions and parastatal, corruption is still rife.

Presenting the BPI today Transparency international President Reuben Lifuka says there is need to regroup the efforts against Corruption.

Mr Lifuka who called on Government to take the revelations seriously says Government should not view the index as mere rhetoric but as the truth obtaining on the Ground.

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