Frank Bwalya says Sata’s appointments embarassing

Get Involved Zambia director Frank Bwalya says some of the appointments to public office president Michael Sata has made so far are embarrassing.

And Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) President Rueben Lifuka has advised President Michael Sata to consult extensively prior to making appointments in the public service.

Priest Frank Bwalya was quoted by QFM radio saying that the appointment and subsequent  revocation of Dr. Simon Miti as ambassador is one of the issues that are embarrassing.

Speaking in an interview, Lifuka said some of President Sata’s appointments do not send a good signal in as far as running the government is concerned.

He noted that the head of state’s appointments and revoking of some will have adverse effects on the country’s governance system.

Lifuka said President Sata should consult and not give public service positions to individuals with questionable character as such a move will put unnecessary pressure on the judiciary.

The TIZ President also noted that there is need for the President to use law enforcement agencies to gather information about individuals he seeks to appoint prior to giving them positions to avoid protests from citizens when they feel the head of state is favoring people who lack integrity.

Lifuka was  commenting on President Sata’s revoking of the appointment of Former Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary (PS) Dr. Simon Miti as Zambia’s foreign envoy to Switzerland shortly after his appointment.

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