To avoid embarrassment, PF to transport cadres to Mongu to attend Lungu’s rally

The Patriotic Front (PF) is planning to transport hundreds of their cadres from Lusaka to Western Province to masquerade as Mongu residents when Edgar Lungu goes there on Saturday.
By Tuesday this week PF officials were busy in Chawama and Jack Compound (near Lungu’s farm) collecting names of people to travel to Mongu.
‘We have been assigned to organise 40 women from this ward who will travel to Mongu to welcome and offer solidarity to Edgar Lungu when he arrives in Mongu, other wards are also doing the same,’ disclosed one PF official.
When Edgar Lungu held a rally in Mongu on 18th October this year, it was shunned by Mongu residents and only attended by hired cadres they brought from as far as Kalabo and Kaoma forcing Willie Nsanda to apologise to Lungu for the poor attendance and promised to do a good job next time.
Lungu is scheduled to address a rally in Mongu on Saturday.
When Lungu addressed a rally in Kitwe recently, the PF transported their cadres from Lusaka to boost the numbers and show how much ‘support’ they command on the copperbelt.

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