To hide theft, UPND MP wants provincial leadership removed


A ploy to remove the entire opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) provincial leadership in western province has been exposed by the top leadership in the province, who alleged that schemers have been paid by a named parliamentarian in the area.

Western province UPND provincial chairman Njamba Musangu said in an interview that a named member of parliament working with Mr Chengamali, a UPND member that misused party money during the last elections wants the entire provincial leadership to be removed so that he is not questioned about the monies that he misused.

“ He got K 22,000 for Sioma polling agents and another K 6,500 Kaoma and Mangango constituencies, money that our party leadership in Lusaka sent for the elections but he took it for his on use. Now that we are asking him to pay back the money because we have to be accountable to our leadership in Lusaka he has decide to start asking members to sign a petition so that they pass a vote of no confidence in our leadership,” said Musangu.

He complained that what worsened the situation is that the people that decided to support independent candidates and the PF in province were regrouping to frustrate the party leadership

Musangu said that for instance in Sioma constituency, the same party official attempting to remove the entire leadership supported an independent candidate.

“What is sad is that there is a named member of parliament who I think is doing it unknowing. He is supporting this disgruntled person who has stolen party money and does not want to pay. This is very sad and regrettable,” he said.

Musangu said that he even suspects that the MP is working with the PF to weaken the opposition.

He was however happy that despite the manouvres by c

Chengamali, most of the top leadership in the province and all the district chairmen have refused to sign the petition describing him as a traitor.

“He has been going round western province asking members to sign the petition to pass a vote of no confidence in myself and the entire leadership but the good thing is that none of our members have agreed to his dirty plans. This is not right for a member of our party to do especially at this time that we are supposed to work as one body,” he said.

The provincial leadership was recently in Lusaka to visit the party leader Hakainde Hichilma who spent four months in prison following trumped up treason charges. Hichilema was released two weeks ago after the state failed to prosecute the matter.

“While we are here visiting our bigman, he is busy going round ask people to sign a petition saying they have passed a vote of no confidence in us,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Chengamali failed as his phone went unanswered.





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