To humble tourist Edgar Lungu


As you wake up in the comfort the tax payers have privileged you with, i am counting days on how long it takes for you to find your conscience. Two months is a long time to incarcerate an innocent man, what are you? Idi Amini’s distant cousin? Your lack of empathy is boldly written on the wall and that’s a bad trait for a leader. What kind of christian defiles the christian holy week to brutalise a family. Clearly you care less about the mood of many people in the country. The thought of HH being in a dark, cold, inhumane room makes any normal person’s heart skip and drop to the stomach. It doesnt matter what your chilling silence does not reveal, we now know we have a leader who is dividing us through his actions and inactions. You are cowardly shying away from responsibility just to punish HH. It doesn’t matter what God allows to happen, God always sides with good. Mr. lungu, keep your ill-will to yourself. We want the Zambia we know back.

Free HH now.


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