To loot road contracts money, PF wants NRFA disbanded


Some senior PF officials working in league with directors at the Ministry of Works and Supply are scheming to disband the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) so that they easily loot the money allocated to the road sector.

Sources close to the ministry have disclosed that the road sector has been funded over K5.4 billion of which 41 percent is donor funded, 34 percent from the government and 25 percent from Fuel levy and other road user charges like toll gates, weighbridge and exit charges.

By law it is only the NRFA that is mandated to pay contractors and managing donor funded road projects but PF wants the body which was created by an Act of parliament disbanded.

Once the body is disbanded, then the ministry will be directly paying the contractors and by so doing get kick backs from the preferred contractors. In the past two weeks there has been confusion among directors and no payments have since been given out.

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