To please Lungu, randy Shakafuswa agrees to fight Kambwili

To please Lungu, randy Shakafuswa agrees to fight Kambwili

Shakafuswa and wife Florence

To win his dwindling favours from Edgar Lungu, rejected and disgraced former UPND Katuba constituency MP Jonas Shakafuswa has now resorted to start a war of words with PF Roan MP and former information minister Chishimba Kambwili whom he has referred to as an educated illiterate and doctor without education.
Recently Kambwili tendered an apology to the Bantu botatwe for what was considered as tribal hate speech when he was government spokesperson but Shakafuswa who was rejected by the Lenjes of Katuba in the 2016 elections has now written the following trash on his facebook page:

“I have heard the audio. Hon. Dr Chishimba Kambwili, for your information Lenjes are larger than your imagined tribal mind can learn. We are actually Lambas from Kola DRC. The nick name Lenje was given to us by our tribal cousins the Nkoya who fought our battles with the Chikunda and Arabs for Elephant tasks and slave. We used to hide in the tall elephant grass, called Malenge, and watch the fights. It is just that we have doctorates without education, which is leading to our nation having a lot of educated illiterates. Thanks Arnold Shatunka for exposing this ignorance”.

Already in this ranting Shakafuswa who became famous for openly declaring that he uses his room at parliament motel as a slaughter house (sex den) in 2007 and has multiple sexual partners in addition to his loyal wife Florence has just exposed his ignorance about the origins and route of the Lenje people. Soon we will publish a detailed article about the origins of the Lenje and not that nonsense of ‘Malenge grass’ that Mr. Slaughterhouse is talking about.

“Lungu’s deal to use Shakafuswa to start a tirade of words with Kambwili was struck during the recently held Umutomboko ceremony and Luapula Expo and soon you will hear a lot of attacks coming from him as you have seen in his intro of the fb post”, said a Kambwili sympathiser who is one of those currently ‘close’ to Lungu but waiting for the right time.

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