To protect senior government officials, Spax charged with old murder

To protect senior government officials, Spax charged with old murder

To protect senior PF government officials involved in the gassing and subsequent burning of suspects, police have been instructed to charge Chingola based Jerabo gang leader Baba Kabaso Mulenga, (Spax) with a murder he committed a long time ago.

The real reason Spax was arrested was his key role as one of the masterminds of gassing and subsequent killing of innocent people these past few weeks.

Spax is supposed to be charged with terrorism, and current murders but that would implicate senior government officials he was working with.

But now Spax will only be charged with the murder of another Jerabo by the name of Isaac Chiwasha who was commonly known as Debra Richie.

Spax burnt Debra Richie after they disagreed on how to share the proceeds of crime from a truck of copper they stole. Richie died in hospital following the burning he received from Spax and his thugs. Though Spax killed this other Jerabo and deserves to be hanged, this particular murder is being used to hide the crimes Spax has committed together with senior PF officials.

With this murder charge of Debra Richie on his neck, Spax will be in a position too weak to even say anything.

“All the information links PF officials and ministers such as Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo plus some senior police officers like Bonny Kapeso. That’s why you notice that among those in police custody over the gassing of citizens are Chingola PF officials and police officers were equally being interrogated over the same. You have equally seen that police uniforms were being found at crime scenes in places such as Northern Province. Lots of police informs were reportedly ‘stolen’ from force headquarters from a warehouse which is highly secured”, a source have revealed.

Insiders say the operation was not told to President Edgar Lungu who only came to discover when it was too late.

“Now there is total panic because Spax Mulenga will implicate a lot of senior police officers like Bonny Kapeso and PF ministers like Stephen Kampyongo during court hearing. That’s why they are trying by all means to down play the case and possibly release him at some stage. The PF ministers were on the verge of implicating the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema while undermining the leadership of Edgar Lungu’s government and have him removed as candidate”, insiders have revealed.

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