To rig polls, ECZ bans smart phones at polling stations

To make sure they rig elections, the Electoral Commission of Zambia has banned the use of smart phones at polling stations.

But the ECZ is happy to transmit elections results electronically to the totaling centre as this will allow the ECZ to manipulate results in favour of PF.

So far, president Lungu has ordered PF MPs and some of their MMD partners to amend the law and shield ECZ directors from facing the law if they manipulate elections. But that is a waste of time as the penal code will come in handy to deal with anyone who breaks the law.

The ECZ is seeking through the Electoral Process Bill for 2016 seeking powers to penalize abusers of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Speaking when they made submissions before the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs yesterday, ECZ chairperson Esau Chulu and corrupt director Priscilla Isaacs explained that nobody would be allowed to carry a cellphone in polling stations including polling officers.


Chulu also said ECZ would not allow recounting of ballot papers at the totaling centre no matter how defective they are. He said that anybody who would be aggrieved with the outcome should seek a court petition.


It is very clear that the ECZ is preparing the ground to rig elections on behalf of the PF.

Why is it that the ECZ agrees and implements everything that the PF says but responds emotionally and negatively to any issues raised by the opposition.

One day, priscila Isaacs will pay for the sins she has been committing at ECZ.

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