To whom is rejected David Phiri useful?

To whom is rejected David Phiri useful?

An analysis of election results from the various polling stations indicate that PF’s David Phiri was rejected generally in the entire constituency.

He was especially rejected in his own village full of his relatives where he scored 2 votes against an ‘outsider’ MMD’s Peter Phiri who got 98 votes.

At St Francis Polling Station were his other relatives are including his own sisters who are married there, David phiri got 40 votes against 193.

In polling stations were his mother and father voted at Omelo Mumba, David got 200 votes against 800.This shows that David Phiri is not useful to his family, village, immediate community and indeed his own town.

David Phir

David Phir

The PF post 2011 has never suffered such a humiliation in any by-election which begs the question of what use can David Phiri be to the PF for him to deserve an appointment in the diplomatic even as a District Commissioner.

We are aware as we write this that his wife has started moves to negotiate for a presidential appointment through her relative Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata’s wife so that David and his wife can continue with a life of luxury.

David is also not known to have any business of his own that would give him an income outside parliament.

So even at a personal level David Phiri is not useful to himself either.

One wonders therefore what people like former Kafulafuta MP James Chishiba who at least dragged the PF through a dignified loss by 94 votes will feel if a person like David Phiri who is not useful to anything or anybody is given a position.

We are also aware that that there are many original PF members who worked with Mr. Sata and contributed to the Satanic victory in 2011and have been silently shoved aside and relegated to the political hip of garbage in preference to extremely useless individuals such as David Phiri who add no discernible value at all but possess strange ability to attract favour.

We wait to be educated on what value will David Phiri deliver to the PF to deserve an appointment at the expense of long serving, suffering, dedicated and hard working members of the regime which is taking Zambia backwards on all spheres.

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