Tobaccco stolen from Zim seized in Zambia

Zambia police officers have confiscated 87 bells of tobacco worth about $1.5 million US dollars from Tombwe Processing Company believed to have been stolen from a named company in Zimbabwe.

Police Spokesperson Bonny Kapeso confirmed the development to ZANIS today in an interview.

Mr Kapeso said the operation followed complaints received from the Zimbabwean company called Saltlakes Holdings Limited.

He said initial investigations in the matter that was conducted by Interpol and the Zambia Police traced the stolen tobacco to Tombwe Processing Company.

Mr Kapeso further disclosed that the police have intensified investigations in the matter and that charges shall be pressed according to the recommendation from the Attorney General’s office.

The Police Spokesperson said the matter is quite sensitive as it involves people from another country and as such the Police would seek the indulgence of the attorney General in the manner it handles the case.

And Saltlakes Holdings Limited Head of Operations and Loss Control, Nigel Murambiwa confirmed the theft of the tobacco from his company which he said is equivalent to about 500, 000kilograms.

Mr Murambiwa said the number of bells that have been confiscated from Tombwe are just a fraction of the total number of bells which were stolen, alleging that Tombwe Pressing Ltd must have processed the other bells.

He claimed that the total number of tobacco bells that were stolen were about 6250 bells amounting to more than US$2 million.

Mr Murambiwa said his company has faith in the Zambian Judicial system and was only waiting for the law to take its course.

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