Today in Parliament

Speaker: Hon Mp for Sinda!

Hon Ngoma Levy (MP Sinda): Mr Speaker thank you for the opportunity to raise a supplementary question. Sir Allow me to thank the Minister Of Home Affairs for being sober in his appearance and manner of response. It is my hope that in answering to my question he will continue being sober.
Mr Speaker there is proof that PF Members are very Violent and Muderous.
In Sinda my Professional Assistant an officer of the national assembly was violently abducted by known PF thugs and threatened with death.
Sir, in Mtendere a UPND Member Glazier Matapa was murderd by PF Members. The PF members after being found guity by courts have since been sentenced to death, to hung until pronounced dead.
Mr Speaker with such proof that the PF is violent and murderous why is that the Minister of Home Affairs on the Ndola Airport incident keeps refering to The perpetrators as Alleged PF Members when it is clear that the violent perpetrators were PF Members?

Minister of Home Affairs(Response): Iam not aware of the Sinda incident because it was not reported to Police………

Hon Ngoma: Shouts…. You are lying that matter was!

Speaker: Hon Ngoma go out untill tomorrow!

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