Today’s lamentations from Bwinjinfumu over ‘demise’ of Kabimba


Below are today’s lamentations by the chief mourner Fred M’membe:

On Tuesday, Chishimba Kambwili was out insulting, rubbishing us.

We are used to their insults, bad language and lack of civility. Naturally, we are accustomed to this, and it just rolls off our backs, because we are used to their baseness. How can they survive without insults? How can they explain what they are doing if not with lies, calumny and insults, trying to discredit, undermine, humiliate those who are challenging their actions or opposing them?
We are sure the masses of our people will obey their instincts and not be swayed by the volume and intensity of their insults, lies, concoctions, propaganda against us.

Such things don’t demoralise or discourage us – insults don’t change us. What is important to us is having a clear conscience.

We are defending certain principles that are of tremendous value at a time of confusion and opportunism in our country, a time when many politicians are feathering their own nests, a time that you might call the deification of political power.
Never before has our country witnessed such greed for power. They are in charge and they can insult anyone they want with impunity. Who can touch them? The police and the entire state apparatus seems to be theirs – they have grabbed it from Michael Sata by all sorts of crooked, manipulative and dishonest ways. But they shouldn’t cheat themselves, their hold on power will not last long. One day, Michael will wake up and realise he has been deceived, lied to and made to take decisions he shouldn’t have taken.

They are manipulating Michael and making him take decisions that will harm him, depress him and shorten his life. In their desperate pursuit of the power Michael holds, they are ready to do anything and do not care about anyone – including Michael himself.

But as we have stated, if these things they are manipulating Michael to do become harmful to him tomorrow, they will be responsible for everything. To take a man away from his friends, those who care most about him, especially when he needs them the most, is tantamount to killing him. And this is what this corrupt and tribalistic clique is doing to Michael.

For these reasons, we think that, right now, the preservation of values is of decisive importance for all Zambians of goodwill, all true democrats, progressives and revolutionaries of our homeland – all who want the best for our people and who cherish the noblest sentiments. Michael is a good man, a hero of our people and he deserves respect and compassion. To try and manipulate him in the way this corrupt and tribalistic clique is doing is to denigrate all that he stands for.

Again, as we have warned before, one day the Zambian people will know the truth about what this clique had been doing to and with Michael’s power. And things won’t be nice for them; they will be chased from those offices like cockroaches.

Preserving what Michael has always stood for, the values on which the Zambian people voted him to be their President, is of unquestionable importance.

Yes, this clique has usurped the people’s power – the power they gave to Michael. But their hold on this power won’t last long. No matter what happens, no matter what they do, things will soon change. And that is for certain. They can go for The Post today and destroy it as they intend to do. But that won’t help them much. This is their high water mark; with or without The Post, a progressive wave will come to sweep them away.

It is true that we should learn from mistakes, but who hasn’t made mistakes – over and over again? An old refrain says that humans are the only animals who stub their toes on the same stone twice. This is especially so if that stone is the struggle for power.

We are ready to be insulted by Kambwili and his friends for defending Wynter Kabimba. This is so because Wynter, a very loyal disciple of Michael, stood for something worth defending. And in defending what Wynter stood for, we are defending the best in ourselves. In Wynter, there is a genuine, honest, far-seen leader in the making, a product of Michael’s leadership academy, a man utterly devoted to his people. Wynter is still evolving, still finding his way, still finding his constituency. He is not Michael – he is a disciple, a son, a younger brother of Michael. And there is no pretence about this. This is how things stand. Michael is simply Michael.

Wynter is a victim of forces who feared his way; his leadership might be a serious threat to their crooked attempts to wrestle power from Michael.

There is nothing wrong Wynter has done. And even they themselves can’t come up with anything reasonable, anything convincing that Wynter has done to justify their wrath on him. And let us for a moment tell you who the Wynter we know is. Wynter is not a spiteful man. Wynter is a revolutionary. But he is not a mean-spirited revolutionary; he is a gentleman, a concerned man, a loyal disciple of Michael. Wynter is a man who is not shy about telling us where society is going wrong.

Given the lies that are being bandied around, there is need for our people to be made aware of Wynter’s conviction, dedication and the sacrifices he made on the basis of his faith in our people and on the basis of his loyalty to Michael. There is also need for our people to know about his mission to unite us as one nation, one country, one people.

Wynter is a man of his word – who says it, means it and lives it. He also has the political integrity to simply stand for something because it is right. Wynter was in government and in politics to serve – initially a specific political party and leader, and eventually all people of this country. And this is what this corrupt and tribalistic clique cannot stand, cannot accept. How do those who want to loot, deceive, manipulate fit into this?

Yes, we have been subjected to all sorts of insults, malice, concoctions, but in spite of all that, we will always be exactly what we are, whether they like it or not. We don’t expect everyone to agree with us. Truth doesn’t change, only our awareness of it. Our agenda has always been poignantly clear.
Let’s learn to live together in justice

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