Toilets at Levy Junction pathetic

I have paid a few visits to Levy Junction shopping Mall in the last ten days. I am utterly disappointed with what I have seen so far. Levy business park was commissioned less than a year ago, but the state of the public toilets at the moment is pathetic to say the least. Water supply to these public conveniences has become erratic and unreliable. Most urinary facilities have either broken down or in a deplorable condition. The sight of human effluent in a toilet bowl which could not be flushed due to prolonged periods of water shut downs really sent shivers down my spine. An epidemic is imminent. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY; I WISH TO SOUND A STRONG AND TIMELY WARNING TO ALL ESTEEMED CUSTOMERS. “THEY  MUST BE WELL ARMED WITH WORLD CLASS TOILET POCKET TISSUES FROM SHOPRITE OR PICK AND PAY SHOPS IN THEIR  POCKETS OR HAND BAGS IN ORDER TO AVOID THE EMBARRASSMENT OF THEIR LIVES. THE TOILET HOLDERS IN THESE PUBLIC CONVENIENCES’ ARE NEVER RE-STOCKED MOST OF THE TIME.” The so called Centre Management team who have been entrusted to manage the facility to world class standards has simply gone to sleep. They are indeed a huge embarrassment in the eyes of the civilized world. This is typical of most African working environments, where laziness and lack of vision for a better tomorrow is the order of the Day. I strongly suggest that this bunch of the so called Center Management personnel, resign on moral grounds and go back to the remote villages where they belong. This amount of disgrace cannot go on unchecked.


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