Toll gates collections diverted to paying ZNBC salaries

Toll gates collections diverted to paying ZNBC salaries

The PF regime has diverted money collected from toll gates to pay workers at the PF mouthpiece ZNBC.

Contacts in the treasury have disclosed that the K 10.6 million which was released yesterday came from fees collected from toll gates.

Yesterday afternoon, acting Permanent Secretary at the ministry of Information Beaton Kaluba, who is at the centre of the Digital Migration scandal, announced that government has released K10. 6 million to cushion the PF mouthpiece’s financial problems but a source from Ministry of Finance challenged the government to disclose where the money came from.

” ZNBC or DeadNbc as you call it is a parastatal just like Times of Zambia and that is why it has a board. Why should money from the treasury be used to pay salaries,” the source querried and wondered why government did not use the same account to pay Times of Zambia employees who have gone for seven months without salaries.

The ministry of finance official said a bad precedence has been set because next time any parastatal company can ask government to pay salaries for its employees.

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