Tone down Banda-Kapata

Patriotic Front(PF) Mandevu Member of Parliament (MP) Jean Kapata has appealed to the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) to tone down its Lusaka Province Chairman William Banda.
Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, Kapata said the country is in confusion because of people like Banda.
Meanwhile, PF spokesperson Given Lubinda said his party is not agitated by Banda’s position in the MMD.
Lubinda said Banda id deceiving the party to make them think they are still popular in urban areas, adding that the PF will never lose its strongholds.
UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said Banda is full of deceit is no threat at all.
Kakoma urged Banda to desist from his disparaging remarks as they not help the MMD gain lost fame.

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