Tonga calls for impeachment of HH

Tonga calls for impeachment of HH


Mr. Hakainde Hichilema must immediately be impeached for appointing Fanwell Siandenge as Deputy Inspector General of Police for Special Duties when he still has aggravated robbery charges pending before the Lusaka Magistrates Court as parliament resumes it’s sitting next week after opening this Friday.

We are engaging the opposition to move the motion of impeachment next week.

Mr. Hichilema now becomes the Alpha and Omega that he can break the law with impunity and appoint people to public office such as Siandenge whose name is not criminally cleared by the courts of law.

By appointing Siandenge, Mr. Hichilema seriously breached the supreme law of the land – the Constitution; to which he swore to defend and protect on August 24, 2021 – theereby eroding the criminal justice of Zambia.

We demand that Mr. Siandenge be dropped immediately, police move in and have him locked up within 48 hours. If not, we shall execute Citizens Arrest.

Issued by:

Enock Roosevelt Tonga ERT
3RD Liberation Movement 3RD-LM

Mon, Sept 6, 2021.

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