Tonga meeting is sponsored by State House, Lungu says it must go ahead

State House is funding the so-called Tonga meeting that is slated for Monze next Sunday. The resolutions to be read out have been pre-determined and authored by State House, the Watchdog has established.

And after being exposed by Watchdog in the morning, president Lungu has now ordered that the meeting he has been pretending to oppose should go ahead under the protection of the law (police).

President Lungu’s spokesperson Amos Chanda is the focal person at State House and is organising the money for the meeting. Chanda is working with former Afronet Director Ngande Mwanajiti and former Director of the Central Statistics Office David Diangamo. Chanda, Mwananjiti and Diangamo in turn are working with Former Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa director of finance and administration Kabeta Muleya. Muleya was once the director general of the Tender Board of Zambia during the same time Diangamo was at Central Statistics Office. That was during the time of Levy Mwanawasa.

Some of the predetermined resolutions to be read out by Diangamo are that Davis Chama did not insult Tongas and therefore he does not need to apologise.

Diangamo will give himself as an example of a Tonga man who has more than one wife. Diangamo is Illa.

The other resolution will be that Tongas have been held hostage by the UPND and they should now start voting for Edgar Lungu.

All along, the organisers of the meeting have been pretending that the people would meet to discuss Chama’s insults. What the Tonga people are not being told is that they will be meeting to endorse Chama’s insults.

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