Tonga meeting unnecessary, Lungu using it to divide Zambians

Tonga meeting unnecessary, Lungu using it to divide Zambians

We hear there will be a meeting of Tonga people in Monze on Sunday called specifically to deal with PF Secretary General Davies Chama’s insulting tribal remarks against Tongas.

The information we have is that this meeting has been overtaken by the PF of Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu. The beneficiaries of the outcome of this meeting will be Lungu and Rupiah Banda.

Lungu and Banda are looking for any excuse that will make sure that Tongas and Bembas do not see eye to eye politically. And this meeting is just the thing Lungu needs. The meeting will be or turn out to be about Tongas and Bembas. Yet, when Davies Chama issued the tribal insults, he did not do so on behalf of Bembas; he said that on behalf of the PF of Lungu and Rupiah Banda. Chama is not the spokesperson of Bembas but the PF of Lungu. He is not even from any Bemba royal family. In fact, from his charcoal and ugly looking appearance, we doubt Chama is even Zambian.

safe_imageBut the issue is that Lungu is happy that this matter is turning out to be about Bembas and Tongas. To him, this is okay. He does not care whether a tribal war between Bembas and and Tongas breaks out as long as it guarantees him State House. Lungu knows very well that he is slowly losing the Northern voters due to his poor leadership and treachery. His worst fear is that some Northern voters will go to UPND. So, he needs a way to keep Northerners poisoned against any candidate from the South. If Chama were Chewa, he would have been fired by now for causing tribal rifts. But Lungu sees an opportunity in Chama’s comments. He can’t fire Chama because his tribal remarks is causing a stir between Bembas and Tongas but no problem for PF or Lungu’s tribe whatever it is. Northerners will believe that they are safe with Lungu instead of a Tonga president who hates them. That will be the resounding message from that meeting at least up to 2016 votes. Lungu is using Chama to create and sustain a rift between Bembas and Tongas for his own political survival. Lungu believes that this rift between Bembas and Tongas will keep him in State House as Bembas will vote for him.
That is the only reason he has not fired Chama. He is using him as tool of hatred between Bembas and Tongas.

Chama feels safe with Lungu as he feels protected so he can’t resign. Yet we know that if Chama is a true Zambian, in his heart he is bleeding for being seen or used as an enemy of one of the tribes of Zambia.

That is why we think it is unnecessary to hold that meeting. At that meeting, the PF will sponsor someone to attack Northerners either physically or verbally. And that will be the news of the year in PF media.

This whole issue of Davies Chama is 100 per cent political victory for Lungu as it is diverting public attention from serious national issues affecting citizens such as fuel increments, CBU closure, load shedding and other economic ailments.

The responses so far made by chiefs, MPs, and senior citizens plus some members of the clergy have sufficiently dealt with the issue, and it is time we got back to real issues.

Lungu and Chama are both patients nursing a cocktail of ailments from their previously failed lifestyles full of womanising and drinking ‘ma Jamason’.

These people don’t care about breaking up the country through any means, especially by playing the tribal cards, which they believe is the easiest.
While we appreciate the regular holding of such meetings, we would have loved them to be based on development of the region and the country.

We would have loved such meetings to mobilise resources for the building of a university, major hospital, cattle dip tanks, and many other economic challenges than discussing Lungu and Chama who are purely chancers in politics who inherited late Michael Sata’s sweat which they are now enjoying with all sorts of crooks like Rupiah Banda, Dora Siliya, etc who spent all their time insulting Sata the father of PF.

We hope the organisers will be in full control of the mob that may want to attend this meeting.

In a mob anything can happen due to emotions. Actually like noted above, Lungu will definitely sponsor some bad elements that may utter totally irresponsible statements against other ethnic groupings that have totally nothing to do with Chama’s irresponsible remarks that was sponsored and backed by Lungu himself.

We may even have bad elements that may even deliberately provoke violence with a view to completely overshadow whatever maybe the intended outcome of the meeting.

And the government sponsored media will be all out on Lungu’s side to look for such bad and sponsored elements with a view to produce irresponsible screaming news headlines you may never have intended.

Lungu and Chama are currently not in control of this economically collapsing and bleeding country currently yawning for prayers of salvation for people to survive.

As for the UPND, they need to clearly disassociate themselves from this meeting.

Whereas we have been told this meeting is purely about the Tonga people and nothing to do with politicians, it will be important to hear how UPND politicians dissociated themselves from this tribal meeting.

The UPND has so far suffered a tribal stigma of being a Tonga party from inception in the days of late Anderson Mazoka. The party has to date been battling to fight statements that were sponsored and uttered by some bad irresponsible elements such as Ngande Mwananjiti and Syachaye Madyenkuku who have already moved there bellies and are now enjoying in the PF.

Apparently the same bad and toxic elements such as Mwananjiti and Madyenkuku are now with PF enjoying but busy denouncing and labelling the UPND as a tribal party based on the statements allegedly uttered by themselves.

While these elements have since moved on in their political lives based on their bellies, the few principled politicians within the UPND that mean well and have remained with the party have had to continue defending themselves against the same old statements allegedly uttered by the likes of Mwananjiti and Madyenkuku.

A similar situation and outcome can happen from such meetings if not well guarded and soon after, whoever will utter or act irresponsibly will immediately move on to PF while those who will remain will have to continue dealing and defending themselves from their actions.

Instead of dancing to Lungu’s antics of playing tribe against tribe for his own political survival, Zambian should unite to demand a better life. Lets look at the damaging load shedding going on currently, does it only affect one tribe? Did the fuel hike only affect Tumbukas or Mbundas?

We urge the people of Monze and other Tongas to shun that meeting. It will serve no purpose apart from boosting Lungu’s political survival. It is not good for the unity of the country. Almost everyone is suffering under Lungu’s visionless leadership. History shows that leaders without a vision often turn to violence to hide their incompetence. Lungu would gladly set Zambia on fire to continue ruling, therefore Tongas should not fall in Lungu’s trap. There is life after Lungu’s poor, failed leadership. There is no hope in Lungu but there is hope in Zambia.

By the way, why does Lungu hate Tongas so much when one of his favourite concubines he has children with and was staying with until 2011 in Tonga? How does his Tonga Children feel?


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