Tongas are also Zambians

Tongas are also Zambians

By Kalani Muchima

One thing I know for sure troubling the president right now is the issue of tribal balancing. While its good every Zambian deserves an opportunity, I only hope the TONGA’S will not be victims of this.

Am saying this because normally when you have been given a responsibility to share something, (for me) I don’t know others, there is always that urge of wanting to see other get good shares while you starve yourself.

I know right now the president wouldn’t want to appoint Tonga’s so as not to be seen giving priority to his own.

But my appeal is that, let this move not disadvantage the TONGA’S. I spoke for them then, and I will speak for them now.

The Tonga’s suffered under the Edgar Lungu leadership and I don’t expect them to suffer under this government.

Let those who deserve appointments be given appointments. They can’t continue being second class citizens in their own country.

In my mind I have one example. At Zanisnews Mibs for instance, from the time Director Mr. Patrick Lungu was appointed PS in February this year, that position has remained unoccupied not even anyone to act.

The current assistant Director a Mr Victor Hachimbi has never been allowed near that office just because he is Tonga. Yes you heard me right just because he is tonga.

Why would such a senior government position be left vacant for close to 1 year not even someone to act in that capacity.

Mr. Hachimbi is qualified, he has been with ZANIS since the 90’s and it baffles me that the man is treated like a nobody.

The PF made it clear that, that position was only going to be filled up after the elections coz in their minds, they thought they were returning back in government.

Mr. Hachimbi was in line for that Job but was being mistreated based on his tribe which should not and should never be allowed ever again in this country.

Let those from the south also have their freedom in their land. Those thousands of votes we saw during the announcements of results were too clear to tell us that they needed to be liberated so give them their liberty.

Appoint them to positions they deserve noti ati people will talk No.

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