‘Too many foreigners doing jobs for Zambians’


The PF Government promised youths Jobs and Empowerment, its disheartening to see many jobs that can be done by Zambian qualified Zambians being given to Foreigners.

Belgravia Services Limited is a Kenyan Company Based in Ndola working on Government Projects through Tazama Pipelines to build fuel depots around the country. These projects are worth Millions of dollars and most of the staff are Kenyans. Accountants are Kenyans, Purchasing officers, Logistics, Engineers etc, the number of Zambians that hold commercial positions can be counted in one hand.

The Chief projects Manager, Alasdhair Mcfarlane is a racist and despises Zambians. Following a recent strike by Zambian employees, Mr Mcfarlane went as far as insulting the Ndola district commissioner who was called by employees for assistance using the F word and the government (Ministry of home affairs sits quietly like all is well).

More than 100 Kenyans are employed doing jobs that Zambians can do.

Zambians are being given 3 month contracts, if this is not casualisation then what is.

If Mcfarlane wakes up in a bad mood and does not like an employee (from \canteen staff to office orderly), that persons contract is terminated.


What are professional bodies like ZICA, ZIPS, CILT doing to look into the plight of their affiliates???


How do we let a foreigner come into our country and insult us and our government, he’s not even a share holder but an employee.


Would other countries tolerate this???


Employees have gone to the labour office but the labour office in Ndola is the most corrupt and compromised institution in the history of institutions.


Please publish this, maybe a few eyes can be opened.

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