‘Too many foreigners doing jobs meant for Zambians at KCM’

Dear Editor,
Allow me space online to air my deepest dismay on what is happening here at Konkola Copper Mines. There are too many so called expatriates in this company doing jobs for which Zambians are adequately qualified. Finance, Commercial and Smelter Operations have been engulfed by these half baked mostly Indians. It is common knowledge that Zambia has a lot of qualified accountants, engineers, technologists and technicians roaming the streets for lack of jobs.
Our government came into office on this and many other premises bordering on taxation of the mines (windfall tax) and to a large array of issues. Allow me editor through the Zambian Watchdog to point out this evil at KCM.
1. Most Heads Of Departments are not more qualified than most Zambians but have disadvantage the “locals” as we are called
2. They have contracted Indian companies under the guise of a few greedy Zambian Directors using company names like AMSL ( African Mechanical & Super Lift), 97% of the employees are Indian artisans and helpers.
3. LAMAMUDA is another such company ( Instrumentation helpers/artisans 98% Indian employees)
Editor let me bring the point home, what am I saying here?
The people issuing must put aside their corruption and really tighten the issuance of work permits, honestly how can you have helpers in large numbers coming to work in our country in this manner? Most of the so called expatriates are clearly not qualified, I challenge the EIZ  ( Engineering Institution of Zambia) to investigate this.
This situation is disadvantaging our brothers and sisters in this country, am talking from a point of strength as I have seen this eye sore here in Chingola.
Where is the  donchi kubeba nonsense that we were ranting about last year?
Only time will tell, Zambians will rise one day and demand what is rightfully theirs.
Author’s name withheld

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