Too many PF cadres being employed by ZESCO

Dear Editor,

In the last 2 years alone Zesco has employed over 2000 cadres and PF connected individuals. The structure and financial capacity of this giant of the Zambian energy sector has the capacity to employ upto 4000 people but with the new prepaid system just requires about 3200 people. Now it has over 6000 on permanent and long term contracts. As at December 2013 the company’s wage bill is so high and the company is now struggling to meet most of it’s financial obligations. Take a walk to Zesco Headoffice and observe how many new people are on induction on a daily basis. What is funny about this whole sudden surge in employment in Zesco is that all these people are connected with the PF,most of them unqualified and are 95% of Northern origins.

Today for every job in Zesco there are now 3 people in areas such as Human Resources,Adminstration,Customers Services and Security. If one today goes on study leave or suspension in Zesco you get replaced with a new person no matter the position.

This is despite HR and the department confirming a person to act in that capacity during the period. The only people being spared from this chaos are from the Engineering directorates which is a highly specialized area and is dominated by people from the South and West. Take a walk and go to their Headoffice Customer Service Centre and notice that on each desk there are 2 people and they are all 6 months or less old in the company.

One of them is always on induction. What is funny is that these new employees are all related or at least know each other already.

They are even bringing relatives who have not even completed their tertiary to start working on positions reserved for qualified people. 2014 has been worse with over 100 people employed in January alone. Every day we are typing letters of appointment.

This is unsustainable and now the morale amongst the genuinely employed and qualified people is so low  such that the company is facing unprecedented levels of  applications for voluntary separation. The company is slowly going back to the levels of financial stress that were last seen in the time of Robison Mwansa in the 90’s.

Withhold my name.

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