Too many soldiers dying due too much beer and sex

Mulishani ba Editor,

Ninkwatako akabwafya akali ngefi:

I live in the Barrack & it hurts me to see how Soldiers die almost on the daily basis. If you want to find a road where 2 funerals are held at different homes on the same day, come to the barrack. As I am writting this, I can’t sleep because we have 3 funerals in my road & people are crying. I know its not good to talk ill of the people who have passed on but whats causing these soldiers to die early is indiscipline. Most of our soldiers abuse beer like no man’s business & i blaim government for giving them duty free beer.

Isn’t that a way of encouraging them to drink & drink & drink? whats gona happen to us if war breaks out & our soldiers are drunk? The other thing which is killing our soldiers is sex. Most of our soldiers think that sex fintu sana & thats why if you come to the barrack, its rare to come across a good-looking female virgin.

Personally I have 4 sisters who have been impregnated by different army officers but Dad has failed to approach them since he is merely a Regular soldier & they are Officers. There is unreasonable respect in the Army such that if you are a regular soldier & an officer hammers your daughter, you just have to keep quiet or risk been fired. The reason why we have bad-mannered soldiers in our Defense is Nepotism. Most of our soldiers weren’t employed on merit but connections & thats why we have soldiers who can’t reason properly. You will find that someone has satisfactories throughout his/her grade 12 Certificate but just because their uncle is an officer in the army, they get recruited.

Today in the Army we have thousands of Civilians working as accountants, teachers, nurses, cleaners, etc but have you ever seing an advert in any paper where they have placed vacancies for civilians? How do civilians get recruited minus vacancies been advertised publicly? The answer is Napotism.

As long as Nepotism continues in Defense, indescipline will never end & soldiers will continue geting loans for cars, fornication & beer. You will find that someone is receiving k100 on the pay slip because of a loan which he got & misappropriated yet he has a family to take care of. Does that reasoning resemble someone who got recruited on merit? Nepotism should end in Zambia Army so that indisciplined chaps are not recruited. Recruitment should be done on merit & not because ba uncle bobe niba officer. Ala! By the way, may the souls of our beloved soldiers rest in eternal piece.

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