Top 10 list of shame

It is clear to everyone that the PF is now the worst government Zambia has ever had. They are running down the economy; they victimize independent journalists; they breed violence; embrace corruption and abuse human rights with impunity. Everything is in regression. Some people must be very ashamed that they contributed or still blindly support the PF. The following are some of the people who should be very much ashamed for bringing this curse upon Zambia:
1. Mark Storella: American diplomats are trained to live to high standards and effectively represent their country. Yet former US ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella abused and used his position wrongly to support PF’s ascent to power. Even when PF formed government and started mismanaging the economy and abusing human rights, Storella unrepentantly still remained the only diplomat in Zambia blowing the PF vuvuzela and cheering them at the top of his voice. Could it be that he was afraid that if he said the truth the PF would expose his extramarital affairs?
2. Bishop Telesphore Mpundu: Mpundu was a strong critic of both RB and Levy Mwanawasa. He routinely made headlines criticizing RB and no doubt contributed to the downfall of RB. Now is silent and deflated. Could it be that he sees no wrong being committed by his brother-in-law?
3. Frank Bwalya: Frank travelled across the country to de-campaigning RB and in no small way helped usher in PF. He was rewarded with a board position at ZESCO. To his credit, he has seen through his mistakes and is working to correct the situation.
4. Simon Kabanda: Considering his silence, no one would believe he is still alive. He was a champion of good governance and actively supported the PF. He joined the constitution making process and became the spokesperson. Unfortunately, he dipped his fingers in the till when he got kickbacks from musicians and was fired as the spokesperson. His image is permanently damaged and will only survive by collecting crumbs off the table of the system.
5. Sam Mulafulafu: He, deliberately or inadvertently, used his position as Caritas director to lend credence to the PF crusade towards power. And the PF has rewarded him with a good position as a board member of the Financial Intelligence Centre. Like Judas who sacrificed his master for a few silver coins, that has bought his silence and in turn he has turned Caritas, an organization well known in the past for speaking for the marginalized and poor, into a silent traitor.
6. Lee Habasonda: Lee worked hard to build SACCORD, which until now was a household name. To his credit he left the stage when the crowd was still cheering. Through his work at SACCORD, he inadvertently contributed to PF victory. His major crime is that he did not prepare SACCORD for life after him. Now the organization behaves as a wing of the PF.
7. Sishuwa Sishuwa: Sishuwa, the Oxford scholar, wrote glowing tributes in honor of Sata and helped raise his international profile. His writings made PF look as if they had solid and systematic programmes for the development of the nation. He must be the most disappointed to see the chaos that has engulfed the land of Zambia. Sishuwa is a good example of scholarly naiveté.
8. Godwin Lungu: Lungu literally made TIZ a campaign office of the PF. He had hoped he would be given a position in government and secretly begged for the position of ACC deputy director. It was never to be. This makes it hard for him to find his voice and in turn he has injured the reputation of the organization.
9. Reuben Lufuka: As TIZ president, he was a virulent critic of RB, but no one expected him to line up for jobs from the PF. It was a shock when he accepted to join the constitution making process, which had no legal protection and is now a complete flop. We hope one day he will write his memoirs and explain how he was tricked into the process where he (and his colleagues) is now used as a scapegoat for the failed process.
10. Bon Tembo: Bon Tembo never disguised his admiration for PF. He used his organization, AVAP, to campaign for the PF. But due to abuse of donor funds, he was kicked out as director of AVAP. He has now anointed himself as a staunch PF carder and survives on droplets from the system.

Who else would you suggest to be added to the list?
Yours the Analyst.

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