‘Top 3 sex maniacs in Zambia National Service’

Dear Editor

   I return with a stronger news story as I am a patriotic Zambian who wants good leadership.
  In the midst of all the political confusion,I would like to represent a group of military staff working in all defense wings.
   My first person to inform the nation about is the  Zambia National Service(ZNS) Commandant and Deputy.
The commandant in particular is a single man who is well known for moving with young women in ZNS and also ‘taking them out’ and buying them drinks t drinking places.
The man we are talking about in particular is General Mulenga.
The man is also known for giving women in the service easy promotions on the criteria we are not sure will us men are not given.He has been spotted on several occassions while driving a white Toyota plate ABX.
   He is seconded by General Kamiji. The man is hardworking however seems to have a weakness for women.We in the service know him for such.
He is allegedly to be having affairs with people all around Zambia.In te service itself,there’s a Captain Grace of whom he has been having n affair with ever since he served as Director Land Development Brance (LDB) and brags about not being posted out of town as she is “untouchable”.
He is known to have a concubine in Livingstone, a banker in Lusaka, a woman who sells land(Lynne), and also a nurse all of whom he was spotted with for like three months lastyear while driving a white Toyota registered ALD.
All of the women are said to be married concubines.
   The third man on the spotlight is ZAF Commander General Chimese and Deputy General Muliokela.General Chimese known to be married to his second wife.Has been having an affair with two [wo]men operating from his old Mumbwa Base.Not yet much information has been obtained on him.General Muliokela is simply known to be the “bigman” driving the Toyota VX registered ABZ pimping the town secretly under that tint.
  To the nation be at ease this is solid information.
           Looks like there needs to be serious religious intervention for our leaders in the midst of all the suffering and plights we send to them.
As the only way t expose the real image of out cmmanders and leaders we ordinary soldiers who have been neglected are looking forward for the Executive and the country to see who they mistrust with power because leadership begins at home?
Concerned joint team of military men.

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